Soundbooth equips teachers with a powerful tool to enhance existing teaching methods whilst providing students with support away from the classroom in a way that was not previously possible

SoundBooth is an innovative software-based language lab developed by qualified language teachers and supported by an expert programming team.

SoundBooth | The Digital Language Lab

SoundBooth is a range of innovative software-based language lab products that can be used for teaching any language and allows the development of the four key language skills. SoundBooth comes in three flavours:

  • One - provides a self-paced foreign language learning environment that can be used by teachers within a classroom or by students at home, by turning any Windows PC into a digital language lab. The only additional local hardware required is a headset with microphone and all audio recordings are automatically saved as mp3 files. The simple but effective controls mean it is suitable for all ages and all languages. Publishers can add Soundbooth One to any language publication where recorded audio is provided to enhance the learning process
  • soundbooth one student console

    SB One Student Console

  • Plus - uses all the in-built lesson features of SoundBooth One but with the addition of two way communications between teacher and students via the network. The teacher can monitor the progress of each student as they complete structured lessons and chat to individual students or groups. Students in groups, either selected by the teacher or created at random, can communicate with each other and record discussions. SoundBooth Plus is also suitable for wireless networks
  • soundbooth Plus student console

    SB Plus Student Console

  • Net - the addition of a network folder structure for lessons and a centralised, password-accessed storage structure for saved work, in class sets, provides a powerful feedback and assessment tool in addition to the monitoring, communication and grouping in SoundBooth Plus. Every item of work completed by a student, either audio recording or text input, can be assessed by a teacher who can leave both audio and text feedback for a student. SoundBooth Net is suitable for campus networks, delivering concurrent lessons in different languages, and effective management of live synchronous question and answer sessions
  • soundbooth Net teacher console

    SB Net Teacher Console

For a graphical comparison of the different SoundBooth versions, please click here, and to read about why you should consider Soundbooth SoundBooth please click here.

SoundBooth | Benefits

Any IT suite can become a language lab

  • Low cost solution for schools
  • Develops the four key language skills
  • Can be used with any language
  • Headsets are the only additional requirement

Supports classroom teaching at school and at home

  • Live classroom monitoring of an individual or groups within the school
  • Live classroom communication with an individual or groups within the school
  • Students can access school language lessons at home via a VLE
  • Students can take lessons home via CD, USB key or Email
  • Students' work is saved as mp3s or web pages for easy assessment

Content can be tailored to teaching objectives

  • We work with publishers & schools to create content
  • Lessons can also be teacher-created to satify custom requirements
  • Existing audio, text, worksheets and graphics can be incorporated
  • Suitable for all ages

SoundBooth One

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