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Lesson Builder

September 2012

Lesson Builder is a complete lesson authoring system enabling foreign language teachers to create web based lessons in any language from existing or easily created resources. It is now possible to create web-based foreign language teachig lessons in any language utilising existing resources. These can be run in any version of Soundbooth, including the FREE Soundbooth One, and can also be displayed in any web browser. There is no complicated coding just simple tools to create effective and attractive teaching resources.

contact us here if you would like to beta test it from September 10.

Soundbooth Net admin

August 2012

Our new admin module is now complete.  This enables users to import class lists from excel or any other csv file. Each time a student completes an item or responds to a teacher's comments the activity is recorded and we are just working on a utility to extract and summarise this as well as creating records of teacher assessment.  Expect a progress report later in the Autumn.

Soundbooth One - now shareware

April 2012

Soundbooth One is now shareware. Copies are available for download or a CD can be requested by completing the request form on the front page.  It can be used for non-commercial and educational purposes by purchasing institutions and a shared resource bank will soon be established so that creators of lessons for Soundbooth can share language learning materials.

Publishers are encouraged to contact us if they wish to use Soundbooth One in their publications.  Branded versions can be supplied.

Soundbooth Plus Virtual Keyboard available in pinyin and multiple languages

March 2012

Over the last few months we have been putting together virtual keyboards for the student console of Soundbooth Plus. As Soundbooth Plus can be used on standard PC’s with no proprietary hardware we wanted a virtual keyboard so that students could work on PC’s without the language they are learning having to be installed on the device they were using.

The virtual keyboard gives students access to letters and accents without having to remember complicated keyboard shortcuts. To make it even simpler students are able to use their physical keyboard in conjunction with the virtual keyboard.

At this point we already have available French, German, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Pinyin and Cymraeg virtual keyboards. It is a relatively simple procedure to add additional keyboards so please let us know if you have any specific requirements.

GCSE Listening exams

January 2012

Soundbooth Plus have available GCSE Spanish and French listening exams from the last five years; these will be from the Edexcel and AQA examination boards. We are converting the papers for use within Soundbooth Plus and will be translating the text where necessary to match the new exam specifications.

Our existing schools are very excited about using this resource in class and about making it available to their students for use at home. We will also be working on developing the same resource for both German and French GCSEs. The plan is to make this available on a rolling basis through October, November and December. There will be no additional costs to access the lessons for school use for customers who have a support contract for Soundbooth Plus.

Soundbooth Plus Ping Utility

May 2009

Soundbooth Plus does not need server interaction, apart from access to stored lessons and saved work by students. Connectivity between the teacher and student is automatic using multicasting. On installation if there is not immediate connectivity the 'Soundbooth Plus Ping' utility can be used.

To diagnose any communication problems between the teacher and student clients users can download a Soundbooth Plus Ping utility. This just looks at Soundbooth Plus traffic to see if there are any issues with connectivity between terminals for both data and audio. A log records all traffic and we can advise on what steps need to be taken to solve any communication issues.

The utility is installed on two or more computers on the network and automatically looks for other terminals running the utility and records TCP and UDP packets transferring between them. If there is no automatic communication the IP addresses of the other terminal can be entered and monitoring resumed.

Soundbooth Plus Ping Utility

Soundbooth Plus Ping Utility