Soundbooth Plus equips teachers with a powerful tool to enhance existing teaching methods whilst providing students with support away from the classroom in a way that was not previously possible

Soundbooth | Benefits

Benefits One Plus Net
Develops the four language skills
Can be used with any language
Utilises existing resources: audio, text books, worksheets and graphics
Attractive appearance using tools that are second nature to students
Simple administration
Written student work is saved as web pages that can be opened using any web browser
Spoken student work is saved in mp3 format
Suitable for all ages, primary to adult
Simple but modern technology – future-proofed
Supported by qualified language teachers including training
Resources can be shared between schools
No additional local hardware needed except for a headset with microphone
In addition to headsets, network capability is required
Can function using wireless networks
All student activities can be monitored live
Provides private communication between the teacher and student or group of students
Drag & drop assignment and reassignment of student groups
Live synchronous questioning and recording of answers
Students may record each other and discuss how to improve their pronounciation
Multiple classes connected to different teachers can be running across a school or college
Easy management of lessons within a folder structure categorised by language and level
Database-style management of classes within a saved-work folder structure
Password access to work on a student-by-student basis
A powerful, central location of work review and assessment in the teacher console
Completed items of work are highlighted in the teacher console
Completed work is available for immediate or later review
Vocal or textual comments may be left on a student's work by the teacher
Items with teacher comments are highlighted in the student console
Comments left may be viewed by the student (and therefore acted on) immediately
Price Free From GBP 400 at primary level, GBP 1700 at secondary level GBP 4000 site license