Soundbooth Plus equips teachers with a powerful tool to enhance existing teaching methods whilst providing students with support away from the classroom in a way that was not previously possible

Soundbooth NetPrice: GBP4000 for a site licence

SoundBooth Net is a complete language lab incorporating all the functionality of Soundbooth Plus with a structured database enabling audio and written communiciation between a teacher and a student with the ability to assess completed work at any time.

Soundbooth Net is for use on a school network turning an IT suite or any set of PCs, wired or wireless, into a full language lab with full teacher/student communication and full interactive assessment.

Lessons are stored in a structured folder system enabling any combination of languages and levels to be made available to specific groups of students by level, clas or year group.

Access for learners is by password and once a language has been selected connection to their class is automatic.

There are three modules, a student module, a teacher module and an admin module to allocate users to classes. All resources created for Soundbooth One and Soundbooth plus can be used on this version. The addition of a network folder structure for lessons and a centralised, password-accessed storage structure for saved work, in class sets, provides a powerful feedback and assessment tool in addition to the monitoring, communication and grouping in SoundBooth Plus. The capability for real time review of work is integrated within the teacher console. Every item of work completed by a student, either audio recording or text input, can be assessed by a teacher who can leave both audio and text feedback that can be viewed by a student in real time.

How this works

soundbooth net teacher console

Net Teacher Console

What a teacher can do in the Teacher module

  • See which students are logged in
  • See lessons students are working on
  • See items students are working on
  • Listen to a student recording
  • Talk to a student
  • Ask synchronous questions
  • Communicate to a group of students

What a teacher can do in the Assessment module

  • Look at any student's work
  • See which items have been completed
  • Look and listen to completed items
  • Leave audio comments
  • Leave text comments
  • Manage classes and students

‘Assessment Module’

This module enables a teacher to look at each item a student has completed. This may be by listening to recorded audio, checking selected options or by reading text input.

A directory of all the language groups is displayed in a window on the left and students can be selected. Within a student folder each lesson they have attempted is shown and can be opened ot give access to each item.

Additionally, a teacher can leave audio and text comments on any item which can be read by a student when they next log in to the lesson. This can also be used live during a lesson. The colour of the item tabs on a teacher screen change to green indicating a student has completed an item. The item tags on a student screen change to red if a teacher has left a comment.

The comments by a teacher are dated and timed and cannot be altered by a student. If a student repeats an item then additional comments can be left. These comments can be used as both formative and summative assessments.

soundbooth net student console

Net Student Console

What a student can do in the student module

  • Select a lesson
  • Complete items
  • Talk to a teacher
  • Follow a teachers instructions
  • Record audio
  • Work with a group of students
  • Review any past work
  • See which items have been completed
  • Identify which items have teacher comments
  • Read a teacher's text comments
  • Listen to a teacher's audio comments
  • Repeat work as requested

Student Module’

Soundbooth Net The ‘Student Module’ has all the features of Soundbooth Plus enabling a student to look at stimulus material, listen to original audio and record their own voice. Audio is saved automatically and students are prompted to save any selections or typed input. This is also saved automatically in the folder structure created on the file server for saved work. A drop down virtual keyboard enables students to type any accents and this keyboard can include any Unicode language. Additionally a comments window can be opened from the ‘Tools’ menu. This enables a student to read or listen to comments made by a teacher. The tabs on items where a teacher has left a comment are displayed in red. The comments made by a teacher cannot be altered by a student. The comments by a teacher are dated and timed and cannot be altered by a student. If a student repeats an item then additional comments can be left. These comments can be used as both formative and summative assessments.