Soundbooth Plus equips teachers with a powerful tool to enhance existing teaching methods whilst providing students with support away from the classroom in a way that was not previously possible

Soundbooth One | Student ConsolePrice: FREE - Download Installer or Request CD

Soundbooth One gives students access to lessons created by the teacher. They are able to do this both in the classroom and at home via the school's virtual learning environment or, alternatively, on a USB stick or CD.

At school, once students are logged in, they are able to access any lesson made available by the teacher. Lesson items can include text, audio, images and graphics; with answers or responses entered via text boxes, selection buttons, check boxes and drop-down menus. This flexibility means that lessons can be crafted to teach the four key language skills.

Items containing text, graphics and audio recordings are viewed by students who can record themselves, enter text or make selections as required by the item. Students are able to play back and re-record work they have done until they are satisfied with the result. All work is saved as either web pages or mp3 files.

soundbooth one student console

Student Console

A lesson can include....

  • Vocabulary and pronunciation practice
  • Listening exercises
  • Speaking practice
  • Multiple-choice listening and reading questions
  • Exam practice in class
  • Exam practice at home
  • Reading exercises
  • Writing practice
  • Any combination of all skills to promote confidence