Soundbooth Plus equips teachers with a powerful tool to enhance existing teaching methods whilst providing students with support away from the classroom in a way that was not previously possible

SoundBooth is an innovative software-based language lab developed by qualified language teachers and supported by an expert programming team.

SoundBooth | The Solution

SoundBooth harnesses technological innovation and development, reaching out beyond the confines of the classroom in order to continue the language learning process.

SoundBooth is a software solution which transforms any ICT Suite into a language lab. All that is needed is a copy of SoundBooth and headsets with microphones, and it can be installed and operational in minutes. It is founded on technology that today's students use on a daily basis and find stimulating and motivational.

Clear and attractive interactive lessons are presented to the students for recording text or audio answers. Existing audio and graphic resources can be re-purposed to support whatever text book is being used.

Training, lessons and content development are provided by our development team. With many years' experience working with teachers we provide digitised and fully indexed audio CDs from your existing analogue resources, work with you to create speaking and listening exams and work with publishers around the world to create resources.

SoundBooth has been designed in the UK by a highly skilled team comprising both language teachers and school IT specialists and is effective and affordable for all schools.

SoundBooth One can be used in a school environment where monitoring is not required, and is also suited to home use in support of Plus and Net versions. It can be a copied for use on a CD or a USB Stick or accessed via a school's Virtual Learning Environment.

By upgrading to SoundBooth Plus, lessons can be monitored by a teacher who can communicate with students, listen to their progress or even ask live questions for students to record individual answers. It is also possible for students to record conversations between themselves for peer review.

SoundBooth Net combines the features of One and Plus with centralized storage of student work, accessed via password. The capability for real time review of work is integrated within the teacher console, and teachers are able to place text or audio comments on work that can be viewed by the student in real time.

SoundBooth One | Benefits

  • Allows students to access lessons via a virtual learning environment
  • Enables students to practice the language at home and become more confident speakers
  • Can be used at home in support of classroom-based teaching
  • Training can be provided to teachers to re-purpose existing content for use in SoundBooth
  • Growing library of content based on curricula to choose from
  • Over 100GB of digitised and indexed audio in multiple languages

SoundBooth Plus | Additional Benefits

  • Teachers are supported in monitoring and assisting students in the classroom
  • Students can be listened to anonymously or the whole class can be addressed via the teacher console
  • Live question and answer sessions can be undertaken and recorded by students
  • Students can be grouped together so that they can practice speaking and record the conversation

SoundBooth Net | Additional Benefits

  • Allows teachers to monitor students' work as it is completed and/or assess it at a more convenient time
  • Simplifies the task of marking by enabling access via the teacher console
  • Feedback can be left in the form of text or audio attached to a student's work
  • Password-restricted access to protect students' work
  • Lesson arrangement structured by language and level

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