Soundbooth Plus equips teachers with a powerful tool to enhance existing teaching methods whilst providing students with support away from the classroom in a way that was not previously possible

Soundbooth Plus | Student ConsolePricing for primary, secondary and tertiary and clusters - from GBP400

SoundBooth Plus student console = SoundBooth One + Communication

How this works

When a student needs help, he or she can call a teacher logged into the teacher console on the same network for assistance by clicking the communication button.

A teacher can address all students at once, or call individual students, through the teacher console. The teacher can also listen anonymously to the progress a student is making whilst he or she is making a recording.

For student-student communication, the teacher console has a grouping module incorporated in it. This allows the teacher to place the class in groups of two or more. The group members of a group are listed on each group member’s screen. While grouped, the members of each group can hear all other members, and record all members of the group in the same way as they would do with their own voice. Students are not formed into groups unless the teacher expressly allows it.

soundbooth plus student console

Student Console

The Soundbooth Plus Student Console provides everything that SoundBooth One does. In addition, features are provided that allow communication:

  • between a teacher and individual students
  • between a student and the teacher
  • between students
  • from the teacher to all students in a class