Soundbooth Plus equips teachers with a powerful tool to enhance existing teaching methods whilst providing students with support away from the classroom in a way that was not previously possible

Soundbooth Plus | Teacher ConsoleIncluded as part of Soundbooth Plus with the Student Console

The Soundbooth Plus Teacher Console was developed with classroom based language teaching in mind specifically and as a result all the information on the console relates to the lesson the student is working on so that the teacher is better able to assess and assist students.

At a glance a teacher can see what lesson and item a student is working on as well as if they are listening or recording. The teacher is able to listen in anonymously or talk to individual or multiple students. If the teacher wants to speak to the whole class this is possible by pressing the Call All button at the bottom of the teacher console. Students are able to call the teacher; if the teacher is unable to answer at the time then a counter on the teacher console tells the teacher how long ago a student tried to call them.

soundbooth plus teacher console

soundbooth plus teacher console

Teacher Console with grouping

What a teacher can see at a glance

  • Which student is logged in
  • The lesson a student is working on
  • Item a student is working on
  • Is the student listening?
  • Is the student recording?

What a teacher can do at the click of a button

  • Call a student
  • Listen to a student recording
  • Groups students randomly or by selection
  • Move students in and out of groups
  • Listen to a group of students
  • Talk to a group of students
  • Talk to all the students at once
  • Remove a student from the session

Teacher Student Communication

The most important aspect of the console was the audio technology which had to be of a very high standard and this was a major part of the development of Soundbooth Plus. A teacher can be logged in anywhere on the network and still communicate with or listen into an individual student or a group of students. Live answer and question sessions are possible where a student is able to listen to the teachers question and then record their own response.

Self study is possible for students without a teacher being logged in, students are able to see which teachers are logged in and connect to the teacher they are working with. Multiple consoles can run in the same classroom, or even on the same computer, allowing students to be segregated or eanbling them connect to a different teacher or learning assistant if one is available.

soundbooth Plus Teacher console

Soundbooth Plus Teacher communication

Information provided in the Teacher module

  • Student names
  • Lessons selected by student
  • Item a student is working on
  • Whether a student is listening or recording

In the Teacher module a teacher can:

  • Call a student
  • Receive a call from a student
  • Listen anonymously to a student
  • See which items have been completed
  • Remove a student from the console